Top 7 Real Estate Tips for Profitable Medical Clinics

As healthcare delivery continues to shift in an outpatient setting, the volume of new medical office development continues to grow. More so, it is increasingly common to see healthcare providers take space in smaller community retail centers near hospital campuses due to the feasibility of the location. General guidelines for sizing indicate that for each provider in your practice, you will need four to five exam rooms (9’ X 9’), one radiology suite, a centralized nursing area, and one procedure room. Your clinic must have a welcoming reception area, medical record/business office designed for privacy, an enclosed break room, doctor’s office and adequate storage space. It is also best to have shared space for reception, lab, and nursing areas when blending urgent care, occupational health, physical therapy, and/or primary care. However, planning for future development of any of these services may require careful planning early on in order to prevent poor patient flow and ultimately reduce the construction cost.

Medical clinic builds look similar from the outside, but are quite different from traditional retail or office spaces. In fact, medical clinics are typically separate entities from hospitals and large healthcare facilities. Furthermore, let’s dive into our top 7 real estate tips in order to be successful at designing medical clinics.

Our team of experts deliver quality and consistency in open/operational healthcare environments where we have built our fair share of these medical clinics with the utmost priority on safety, security, and cleanliness. Thus, the healthcare operator must take into consideration many issues that do not pertain to a typical business. For instance, many healthcare professionals should ask a landlord for exclusivity during negotiations to prevent a rival healthcare practice with the same specialty to open within the surrounding area. In addition, determining the most desirable proximity to patient base, hospitals, neighboring practices, and competition all have a vital role to play in the future welfare of your business.

You can count on us to manage and perform every step of the process, including collaboration and coordination with external and internal design and renovation teams. All in all, SCGWest is your one-stop resource to impact change in the healthcare industry and has been the leading provider of high-volume remodels, renovations, and facility upgrades across the nation. Take a look at the link below to further check out our medical office projects– Medical Clinics

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