Commercial Lease Auditing

Finding Ways to Mitigate Your Risk
and Boost Your Bottom Line

SCGWest’s Lease Auditing team has recovered millions of dollars for our clients from auditing their leases regularly. Using a step by step process, the professional staff has extensive operational experience in commercial property management and lease review. We know firsthand how building systems operate, how landlords defer or accelerate expenses, and what expenses should be capitalized versus expensed. Unlike rental rates, operating expenses can be subjective and very complicated to decode. Our team of experts will go through your leases with a fine-tooth comb to ensure you’re not paying more than you should be. We take thorough inventory of your property portfolio, so you can identify cost savings that have gone unnoticed.

Some of Our Deliverables Include:

  • Real-time and abstract information about every lease, including key trigger dates when decisions are needed
  • New business processes — software-neutral systems that provide complete control of all your leases going forward
  • A strategic overview of your portfolio — with aggregated lease details, including terms, conditions, and overall fiscal impact
  • Assured compliance with all regulatory rules in a timely and accurate manner
  • Dedicated resources — We can assign you permanent staff members, whose job is to function as an extension of your team
  • Lease abstracts on every lease to help you identify lease rights and avoid costly traps
  • Management of critical lease dates and opportunities
  • 24-hour-a-day access to critical lease data and documents via our secure, cloud-based system
  • Assistance with annual rent and operating expense budgeting to help you avoid costly mistakes
  • Annual review of landlords’ Operating Expense Reconciliations and Budgets
  • Reports with dates of all expansion, renewal or termination rights to ensure you never miss a critical lease date
  • Lease audit to identify and reverse charges that are not in compliance with the lease

We Turn Your Vision Into A Reality

The key strength of SCGWest is the quality of the individual team members and the ability to form a team perfectly suited to any project with knowledge, competency, and experience unrivaled by our competitors.

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