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An incredible amount of time and energy is required to manage a construction project. Most likely you need several different subcontractors who each do a different part of the job, and they’ll all need to work in the same space.

But the drywall company can’t start until after the electrician has done the wiring, and the electrician can’t wire things until the walls are framed, and the carpenter can’t frame the walls until the demolition is done…and they all want to know NOW when they should show up. And if they show up and the space isn’t ready for them to work in, they’ll leave to start another job, and then you don’t know when they’ll be back to do your job.

Are you exhausted yet?

And before you even get to that point, you have to find all these subcontractors and hire them. You’ll need to vet them all, negotiate prices, and sign a contract with each of them. And then figure out a construction schedule so you can tell each of them when to be on site.

The problem is, you have a business to run, and trying to manage your build-out yourself will distract you from running that business. You don’t want your business to suffer because you tried to save a few dollars.

This is where SCGWest comes in. If you're going to try to manage your project by yourself, you're at the very least going to need expert guidance along the way to avoid costly mistakes.

In our experience the Following are major hurdles we here at SCGWest can Help you clear:



Conditional Use Permits, City ordinances, code compliance, feasibility studies, and permitting. We have the capabilities to streamline these processes granting you clearance to operate your business with out worry of missing any steps in the process.


& Design

Designers, Architects, and Engineers need to be managed and held accountable. A weekly call with these parties can result in large budget and time savings.



With over a combined 100 years in the business we have the resources to manage vendors and your GC and ensure your project is completed with the desired quality, within the timeline, and on budget.

Assisting in


We have solid relationships with the SBA and multiple financial institutions and are familiar with the requirements and interfacing to gain approval.

Our Scope of Service Includes:

Lease or Purchase Agreement Review
Site Selection Due Diligence
Feasibility Study and Report
Review and Manage Initial Budget
Interface with SBA or Lenders
Project Administration including Payment Application Approval
Design Input & Contract Management
Architectural Contract Management
MEP & Structural Contract Management
Vendor Qualification Review
Bid Review
General Construction Meeting
Project Status Meetings
Project Inspection Reports
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Coordinating
Interface with Municipalities for Permitting
Local Code Compliance
Project Closeout & Warranty Package

20 Hours of Consulting Through the Duration of Construction

$3,000 $2,500
$3,000 $2,500
Consulting Services

Fee Schedule for Additional Professional Services


Terms and Conditions

The work shall be performed in accordance with SCG’s standard Project Management Services Agreement that will be sent upon acceptance of this proposalThis proposal will be included as an exhibit to an SCG Work Authorization. Invoices submitted are due and payable within 10 days.  


  1. Scope of Services: In accordance with the terms of the Agreement, CM is hereby authorized to perform the following services: Perform and provide the Project and Construction Management services as set forth in this proposal dated March 9,2021, a copy of which is attached hereto and will be incorporated herein as Work Authorization WA-01.
  2. Schedule of Services: Weekly
  3. Compensation: CM's compensation for complete and satisfactory performance under this Work Authorization shall be in accordance with 17-1-WA-01 hereto.
  4. Payment Terms: CM shall bill Owner bi-monthly payments, with the first one at 50% upon execution of this Work Authorization. Payment Terms shall be Net due in ten (10) days.

Our Specialties

Why SCGWest?

A group of team members in agreement



Our dedicated team brings experience, knowledge, passion, and innovation to every project.

Reduced Timelines



Our stream lined process fast tracks design and construction timelines to get new locations open quickly.

Minimal Costs



Our experienced team identifies cost-saving opportunities to minimize build-out, operational and long-term expenses.

Counseling Guidance



Our experienced team provides strategic guidance every step of the way, for everything from obtaining loans and capital needed to get started, to avoiding pitfalls and maximizing profitability.


"SCGWest was a blessing! They guided me through the lease negotiation process for my business. They were kind, informative, responsive and professional. I would highly recommend them for commercial real estate services.”

Rachel Niederhofer, Founder & Owner of Audacious Designs

“SCGWest has been an integral partner with site location/lease negotiation and construction management. The team is highly professional and adds high value to both of these processes."

Ken Lineberger, President & Founder of Waters Edge Wineries

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