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Solid communication is the foundation for the design process.

The owner and SCGWest will carefully plan and consider all the programmatic functional elements to be integrated for a successful restaurant or retail store.

There are numerous factors that will influence how the design of a proposed space will evolve to its final built form.

The arrangement of these spaces relies on a strong understanding of the building program that we develop.

Any Restaurant or Retail Project Consists of Basic Planning Needs:

Potential influences upon the Building Program and Restaurant Design:

  • Clear circulation allowing for a natural flow
  • Patron entry and waiting area are adjacent to the dining and lounge
  • Walk-up Service is provided, locate Take Out Counter near main lobby, but not to create a conflict between the dine in customers waiting and take out customers.
  • Core of Restrooms (ADA compliant) and Kitchen to centralize plumbing
  • Back of House functions may cluster around the service entry
  • The Kitchen is often the hub of the activity
  • Separate customer / patron circulation from employee / staff circulation
  • Site and Building Orientation
  • Access to roads and public circulation
  • Delivery Access
  • Views and Visibility – Visual Opportunities
  • Location of existing building systems (Mechanical, electrical & plumbing)
  • “Curb appeal” for highest visual marketability of the Restaurant
  • Specific preparation process for the kitchen to achieve the cuisine (i.e. visible and open cooking areas)
  • Level of privacy desired for the dining areas (Cozy and intimate, or more communal and open)

With a well-defined building program, the design process will be logically guided to be both functional for business and aesthetically pleasing.

The Design Process

1. Visioning & Schematic Design


Here SCGWest’s Design Team will build upon discussions had with the Client or Owner regarding the project by addressing the VISION of the brand and the store experience, as well challenges of the potential tenant space.

SCGWest will assist the Client or Owner in translating their vision of the brand into the retail store experience. We will meet with and assist the Client or Owner in interpreting the best Program for their store location, as well as its merchandising and layout configuration.

Schematic Design

Upon completion of visioning, SCGWest will work with the Client or Owner to confirm that all programming, space planning and space requirements have been met and are code compliant. SCGWest will provide fixture plans with the latest concept design configuration, confirming the mix of fixture types and the overall fixture counts is in keeping with Client’s requirements for the store. Client or Owner approval is required on the design concept and refinements prior to commencement of the future phases.

2. Design Development

Now that we know the project is feasible and what the Client or Owner wants it to feel like, let’s start taking a look at how the PROJECT will actually MANIFEST itself.

After agreement and approval of the Schematic Design phase, SCGWest will work with and lead coordination among the other team members, including those contracted directly with the Client or Owner, to develop further details necessary to construct the project.

The major areas that need defined may include:

  • Entry and Waiting Area
  • Dining Room
  • Bar or Lounge
  • Walk-up Service or Take Out Counter
  • Restrooms (ADA compliant)
  • Kitchen
  • Hostess and Wait Stations
  • Ample Aisle and Circulation Space
  • Dry and Refrigerated Storage
  • Office and Employee Amenities

As the concept solidifies itself, we will meet with you for a follow up meeting to ensure your ideas were interpreted properly. At completion of Design Development we are typically able to provide firm CONSTRUCTION COSTS for the build-out.

3. Construction Documents

Construction Documents are the formal set of Plan Design Drawings that are to be submitted for Agency approval with the City, County or Health Departments.

Formal Deliverables in this Phase will typically Include:

  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • Construction Details
  • Handicap Accessibility Details
  • Electrical Plans ‐ Power Plan, Lighting Plan, T‐24 Energy Compliance
  • Mechanical Plan –AC Air Distribution Plan
  • Plumbing Plan ‐ Waste & Vent, Hot & Cold Water

4. Municipality Interface

Upon completion of the Construction Documents phase, SCGWest will submit to the City Building and Health Departments for approvals.

We will handle any Revisions to the plans per City & Health Department corrections until approved and take care of all Submissions, pick ups, and collaboration with governing agencies.

SUCCESSFUL Completion of this phase allows issuance of Construction Building Permits to start construction on your project!

We Turn Your Vision Into A Reality

The key strength of SCGWest is the quality of the individual team members and the ability to form a team perfectly suited to any project with knowledge, competency, and experience unrivaled by our competitors.

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