Project & Program Standardization

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“A program is a group of related projects managed in a coordinated manner to obtain benefits not available from managing them individually… Organizations with mature program management are far more successful than those without it, according to our research.” – Program Management Institute

Developing a program and standardizing specifications and processes is key to expansion and something that SCGWest excels at. All businesses want to boost productivity and efficiency while reducing errors and accidents, but this is especially important for retail and restaurants in which consistency equates to return customers and positive reviews.

Standardization can be an effective way to increase productivity and efficiency, as it defines expectations, formalizes processes and creates accountability. While many retailers and restaurateurs understand the concept of standardization in their operations, it tends to be negated during the lease negotiation and build-out process during expansion. This is especially important when franchising. Franchisees are buying into an existing concept and that concept needs to be consistent. Lease terms, building specifications, schedule, and budget should all be standard to ensure brand consistency and cost control.

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The key strength of SCGWest is the quality of the individual team members and the ability to form a team perfectly suited to any project with knowledge, competency, and experience unrivaled by our competitors.

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