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Do You Need Assistance Getting Approval for Rezoning, Variance, or a Conditional Use Permit?

The project approval process is confusing, unclear, and if started incorrectly, can cost the owner precious time and money. If you are having trouble finding out where to begin, you have come to the right place.

SCGWest has decades of experience assisting business owners in getting approval from their city for their construction projects.

If your future business does not currently conform to your city’s zoning ordinance, SCGWest can help you bring your property and its intended use into compliance. If you work with us, the following are areas that we could assist you in:

  • Conducting a feasibility study and Highest and Best Use analysis to determine all the possible uses of your land
  • Determining whether to file for rezoning, variance, or a conditional use permit
  • Presenting your case before the local zoning board, planning commission, or zoning administration
  • Helping you fill out the forms required by your local zoning authorities
  • Being prepared, flexible, and available to correspond with the city on your behalf

Enter your information or call us at (855) 348-5505 and one of our commercial real estate consultants can give you some advice and put together an estimate depending on your scope of work.

Why SCGWest?

Predevelopment Services



Covering everything from site selection, to zoning requirements to environmental impact, our team establishes a solid foundation that sets projects up for success.

Counseling Guidance



Our team offers strategic advice on streamlining property management, reducing costs and maximizing profitability.

Approval Permitting



We work with City, State, and Federal agencies to obtain required approvals and permits to ensure the project stays on schedule.




We reduce vacancies by finding, acquiring and retaining qualified, high-quality tenants.

Approval Permitting

Highest & Best Use


We analyze the potential of projects by evaluating physical possibility, legal permissibility, financial feasibility, and maximum productivity.

We Can Also Help with the Entire Development Process

Site Selection Icon

Phase 01:


Site Evaluation
Economic feasability (estimate costs, revenue, and returns)
Market Surveys
Site acquisition
Site Planning

Phase 02:

Site Planning

Evaluation of time, cost savings, and potential pitfalls
Conceptual plans and preliminary designs
Highest and best use analysis
Presentation of project to city officials and communities
Certificate Icon

Phase 03:


Preparation of documents and surveys for submittal
Review process with City, State, and Federal agencies
Procurement of all required approvals and permits
Capable of Financing

Phase 04:


Financial feasibility analysis
Assistance with construction and permanent financing
Excavator Icon

Phase 05:


Site and infrastructure coordination
General Construction
Sub-Contractor Coordination
Occupancy and Closeout

Additional Services We Offer


& Design

SCGWest has decades of experience in design and floor plan layout, finish selections and engineering. We prioritize maximization of space, ambiance and customer experience to ensure your restaurant is a success.


& Construction

SCGWest handles the entire design and construction process so owners can focus on their core business. We provide guidance and valuable insights to ensure a smooth process throughout the entire project cycle.

Assisting in

Secure Financing

SCGWest can help your company secure financing by helping you apply for an SBA 7(a), SBA 504, or SBA Express loan depending on the type of project you are working on.



"SCGWest was a blessing! They guided me through the lease negotiation process for my business. They were kind, informative, responsive and professional. I would highly recommend them for commercial real estate services.”

Rachel Niederhofer, Founder & Owner of Audacious Designs

“SCGWest has been an integral partner with site location/lease negotiation and construction management. The team is highly professional and adds high value to both of these processes."

Ken Lineberger, President & Founder of Waters Edge Wineries

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