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Proposal For
Healthco Pharmacy Group

Prepared by: Joshua Santos
Prepared for: Brenda Richardson
Jan 29, 2021

Dear Brenda Richardson,

We appreciate the opportunity to provide our proposal for Design & Architectural Services of your above-referenced project.  Our proposed scope of work is based on our prior job site visit, discussions, and outlining your project needs. 

The key strength of SCGWest is the quality of our individual team members and our ability to form a team perfectly suited to any project with experience, knowledge and competency unrivaled by our competitors.

We will manage, coordinate, and execute the entire process- whether this consists of a basic design or you choose to continue working with us through the completion of the build.  We are capable of handling all facets of a project from start to finish.

What makes SCGWest so great at what we do is that we genuinely ENJOY what we do. Developing a new site, designing a space, refreshing a tired brand, or handing the keys to a new business owner for the first time, is what it’s all about!

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work together and look forward to this project and your success.    

Best Regards,

Joshua Santos

P: 855.348.5505

Development Made Simple

We deliver turn-key commercial real estate solutions so you can focus on your core business. We are full-service firm specializing in the turnkey delivery of retail, restaurant, and medical office projects. SCGWest was founded in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2012 by Kyle Gorman and Brandon Lehman. The co-founders set out to improve on traditional industry standard methods by implementing a more efficient process that opens the lines of communication between all project participants and the ownership. The goal of this process was to form a more cohesive team approach utilizing technology to monitor progress with real time updates and improve efficiency, cost and speed in comparison to what conventional project delivery methods had to offer.

Today, SCGWest is headquartered in Irvine, California and completes projects nationwide. The company has provided development services to some of the nation’s largest retail, restaurant, and medical office brands, all while keeping the same philosophy that the company was founded on; We believe you need a trustworthy partner with your best interest at the forefront to make development simple.

The SCGWest Development Advantage


SCG Provides Our Clients with an App Live Project Daily Updates & Constant Communication


Because we complete most things in house we are faster than our competition.


Buildertrend Technology & Management Construction software for detailed and complete tracking


Our Clients capitalize on our marketing efforts to promote their business. We E-Mail Blast, Post on Social Media & Promote ALL new projects


Professional Completed Photos & Video Time Lapse of Renovation


Change Orders are Limited to Owner Requests in Scope


Architecture is completed in-house! 2D & 3D renderings available if requested


We have references and testimonials available upon request and have a list of accolades. We are consistently listed as a Top 25 Design/Builder


We utilize the most Proven & Efficient Methods to complete your project

Project Understanding

Project Description

SCGWest is to complete a Feasibility Study and Conceptual Site Plan Design Schemes for proposed Pharmacy.

Owner to Provide

  • Owner or Seller to Provide any and all documents such as ALTA Survey, CAD version for Site Base for Architects use
  • Owner provided Commercial Real Estate POTENTIAL DEVELOPMENT SITE Brochure

Proposed Scope of Work

As a Fee Developer, SCGWest will take on all responsibilities of the development process. A detailed agreement with the Owner will specify the scope of duties and authority assigned to SCGWest.

SCGWest will assemble and direct the Project Team, including architect, contractor, engineers, and other necessary professional services. We will carefully define each Team member’s role to assure their expertise is best utilized and duplication of effort is avoided. We will coordinate all Project Team meetings and communication. We become the primary contact for the Owner, streamlining the communication process.

SCGWest and the Project Team will carry out all activity necessary to define the project’s market: conceptualize, plan, and design the project to meet that market; obtain all entitlements for the project; build public and governmental support of the project; attract interest in the project from prospective tenants and/or purchasers; and prepare the project for construction. Additionally, we will establish and maintain the project schedule, review and approve all contractors’ and subcontractors’ bids, assure compliance to project budget, conduct field inspections of project progress, resolve design and construction problems, schedule and attend inspections, approve all change orders, coordinate owner-tenant concerns, prepare punch-lists, obtain occupancy certificates, and place the building in service.

Existing Site Information

Design Development & Construction Documentation

I – Design Development Phase:

    • Complete Feasibility Study – Contact City
    • Prepare Conceptual Site Plan Design Schemes for Existing Site (no civil survey at this time)
    • Provide 2-3 Site Plan Schemes for Pharmacy
    • Create Preliminary Budget for Site Plan and Pad
    • Schedule for Entitlement


Basic Services as Described Above

1. Design Development Conceptual Site Plan Fee

Develop Conceptual Site Plan Design and Preliminary City Research

2. Construction Document Through Permits
2 weeks

Prepare New Concept Site Plan Schemes 2 weeks

2 weeks

Additional Services

SCGWest Development will provide additional services as requested beyond scope of Basic Services on a Time & Material basis in accordance with rate schedule below:

Senior Project Manager
Project Manager
Senior Drafter/Designer
Other Staff

Design Development

Retention at Execution
80% of Fixed Fee
80% of Fixed Fee
Concept Site Plan submitted to client
20% of Fixed Fee
20% of Fixed Fee

Reimbursable Expenses

Direct expenses such as models and renderings, photography, printing, reproductions, plotting, travel, out-of-town living expenses, shipping, delivery and messenger service, auto mileage, permits, fees, taxes and the like shall be billed at 1.15 times the amounts invoiced to SCGWest Development.

Terms and Conditions dated January 2020 are hereby incorporated into and made part of this Proposal. If the forgoing meets with your approval, kindly sign and return one copy at your earliest convenience.

Terms and Conditions



  • Excludes Any Conditional Use Permit or Alcohol Beverage Control Documents
  • Excludes Any new A/C unit mechanical or plumbing plan
  • Excludes Any Structural Engineering
  • Excludes Any Fire Suppression System, Fire Alarm, or Automatic Fire Sprinkler Plan
  • Excludes Any 3D Rendering or extensive interior design (will call out material/color if provided)
  • Not Included: Interior design assistance & coordination by others (will use as reference only)
    • All design renderings & mood board by others (will use as reference only)
    • Planning department submittal for any exterior scope of work needed ·
    • Fire suppression details & misc. (will be included in estimate w/ construction) ·
    • Fire sprinkler / alarm details & misc. (will be included in estimate w/ construction)
  • Excludes Soda Machine, Done by others Excludes Signage - Exterior
  • Excludes Any Municipality Fees – City & Health Department plan check or permit fees
  • Excludes Low Voltage Cabling/Music Selections/Security Excludes HVAC Units, except distribution
  • Excludes Kitchen Exhaust Hood Excludes Roof Work
  • Excludes Geotech Engineering Excludes Kitchen Equipment - Client Purchase
  • Excludes Stainless (sinks, tables etc.) - Client Purchase
  • Excludes Builders Risk Insurance Excludes Furniture - Customer/Office areas
  • Excludes Concrete Work
  • Excludes Any Exterior Scope, Site Work or Paving
  • Excludes Grease Interceptor work
  • Excludes Walk-In Coolers Excludes Parking Lot


Design Scope of Work is the proprietary property of SCGWest until a Certificate of occupancy is issued to the owner. Plans and Construction Documents are not to be used as bidding plans and will exclude items to prevent doing so. This proposal is based on assumptions and information provided by the owner, and a job site walk with Owner conducted on 7/24/20.

  • SCGWest is not responsible for unforeseen conditions.
  • SCGWest is not responsible for unforeseen conditions.
  • SCGWest is not responsible for Landlord provided items.
  • SCGWest is not responsible for additional and unforeseen municipality or code compliance.
  • SCGWest is not responsible for municipality requested plan revisions that may add additional build cost.
  • SCGWest is not responsible to any deferred maintenance or current damage to existing appliances, HVAC, Vent hood, or other mechanical equipment
  • SCGWest is not responsible for any plumbing rework or electrical rewiring

Interactions with agencies not noted above; soils & geology reports; waterproofing details; hazardous materials reports; topography & boundary surveys; existing construction documents; utility company coordination; neighborhood or special government authority approvals i.e. review boards, project permits, variances, code modification requests; off-site conditions; Mechanical (including Title 24 energy calculations), Plumbing & Electrical Engineering services or coordination of such plans; specifications above & beyond that which is required for permitting; fixtures & equipment selection; interior decorating, oak tree reports & distance limitations to the new construction; hardscape, landscape & irrigation design; models; renderings; construction cost estimating; construction bid coordination & construction administration; regular or site observation of the Contractor's work or performance.

Under the California Mechanic's Lien Law any company which contracts to do work for you, any contractor, sub-contractor, laborer, supplier or other person who help to improve your property, but is not paid for his work or supplies, has the right to enforce a claim against your property. This means that after a court hearing, your property could be sold by a court officer and the proceeds of the sale used to satisfy the indebtedness. This can happen even if you have paid your company in full if the sub-contractor, laborers, or suppliers remain unpaid. To preserve your right to file a claim of lien against your property, certain claimants such as sub-contractors or material suppliers are required to provide you with a document entitled "Preliminary Notice". Prime contractors and laborers for wages do not have to provide this notice. A Preliminary Notice is not a lien against your property. Its purpose is to notify you of persons who may have a right to file a lien against your property if they are not paid.

NOTE: If the Property Owner fails to pay billing in full, Company will have the right to be paid back for all its cost and expenses to the extent not prohibited by applicable law. Those expenses include, for example (but not limited to), reasonable attorney fees. If or any reason this account is to be turned over to our collection agency, You will be responsible for all cost of collecting.

THE COMPANY AGREES: To guarantee all repairs completed by this company for one year from date of completion. We assume no responsibility for work performed by others, to be bound to perform this work for the price quoted in our cost breakdown for a period not to exceed 60 days, to use reasonable care in the performance of our work but to assume no responsibility for damage to any hidden pipes, wiring, or other facilities.

SCGWest permitted plans ONLY allow for SCGWest to perform the construction scope of work. This Proposal will serve as the legal CONTRACT between customer & SCGWest.

I have read and understand the terms of the Quotation referenced above and agree to the terms and conditions set forth. SCGWest is hereby authorized to complete the items selected above and it is agreed payment shall be made as outlined in the development agreement and related amendments.



This Agreement is comprised of and incorporates the following documents, in order of precedence:

  • this Letter of Agreement.
  • the attached Standard Terms and Conditions (STC)

Where a portion of one document is amended by another of higher precedence, all unmodified portions shall remain in effect.

Effective Date

The effective date of this Agreement is [date].


$1,000.00 Deposit Upon Signing

Proposal Agreement

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