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Proposal For
Construction Documents to the City of Newport Beach

Prepared by: Joshua Santos
Prepared for: Wade Elliott
Jan 27, 2021

Dear Wade Elliott,

We appreciate the opportunity to provide our proposal for Design & Architectural Services of your above-referenced project.  Our proposed scope of work is based on our prior job site visit, discussions, and outlining your project needs. 

The key strength of SCGWest is the quality of our individual team members and our ability to form a team perfectly suited to any project with experience, knowledge and competency unrivaled by our competitors.

We will manage, coordinate, and execute the entire process- whether this consists of a basic design or you choose to continue working with us through the completion of the build.  We are capable of handling all facets of a project from start to finish.

What makes SCGWest so great at what we do is that we genuinely ENJOY what we do. Developing a new site, designing a space, refreshing a tired brand, or handing the keys to a new business owner for the first time, is what it’s all about!

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work together and look forward to this project and your success.    

Best Regards,

Joshua Santos

P: 855.348.5505

Development Made Simple

We deliver turn-key commercial real estate solutions so you can focus on your core business. We are full-service firm specializing in the turnkey delivery of retail, restaurant, and medical office projects. SCGWest was founded in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2012 by Kyle Gorman and Brandon Lehman. The co-founders set out to improve on traditional industry standard methods by implementing a more efficient process that opens the lines of communication between all project participants and the ownership. The goal of this process was to form a more cohesive team approach utilizing technology to monitor progress with real time updates and improve efficiency, cost and speed in comparison to what conventional project delivery methods had to offer.

Today, SCGWest is headquartered in Irvine, California and completes projects nationwide. The company has provided development services to some of the nation’s largest retail, restaurant, and medical office brands, all while keeping the same philosophy that the company was founded on; We believe you need a trustworthy partner with your best interest at the forefront to make development simple.

The SCGWest Development Advantage

Preliminary Concept Space Plan Drawing Layout Fits
2D & 3D Renderings (Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections, Isometric & Perspective Views)
Buildertrend Technology & Management Construction
Live Project Daily Updates & Constant Communication
E-Mail Blasts of New Location, Social Media Recognition & Business Marketing
Professional Completed Photos & Video Time Lapse of Renovation
Cost & Schedule Efficiencies can be Achieved
Few Changes, Fewer Claims, and Less Litigation
Earlier Knowledge of Cost
Change Orders Typically Limited to Owner Changes
Enhances Project Coordination
One Point of Contact
Most Proven & Efficient Methods for Multiple Location Rolls Outs
Integrated Team Collaboration

Past Project References

Shoreline Cellars - Long Beach, CA

Capriotti's - Chatsworth, CA

El Torito – Monterey, CA

Project Understanding

Wade Elliott recently acquired the Balboa Inn on Balboa Island, Newport Beach, CA.   The goal is to renovate the lower level into a bar/restaurant in order to capture potential business of passers by near the Balboa Fairy.  Construction work has begun without the proper permits and a stop work order has been issued by the city.

SCGWest will create construction documents incorporating the current unpermitted construction work that has been recently completed, in order to avoid any required demolition or rework from the city.  We will provide all design services and code compliance guidance necessary for approval and expedite permitting with the City of Newport Beach.

This proposal does not include a Conditional Use Permit or Entitlement work.  SCGWest is operating under the assumption that a bar/restaurant use is feasible on the site.

Existing Site Information

Vision and Schematic Design

VISIONING (1 week) SCG will build upon discussions and walkthrough had with Client regarding this project by addressing the vision of the brand and the FFTsunami experience, as well challenges of the potential tenant space. Upon review of any Client provided research and after reviewing the current schematic design package prepared by an alternate designer, SCG will assist the Client in translating their vision of the brand into the FFTsunami experience. SCG will meet with and assist the Client in interpreting the best Program for this location, as well as its merchandising and configuration. Visioning Meetings: One (1) meeting Points to be covered include:

  • Applying the concept layout to the proposed suite footprint.
  • Review and analysis of the existing schematic design package.

SCHEMATIC DESIGN (2 weeks) Upon completion of visioning, SCG will work with Client to confirm that all programming, space planning and spatial requirements have been met and are code compliant. SCG will provide fixture plans with the latest concept design configuration, confirming the mix of fixture types and the overall fixture counts is in keeping with Client’s requirements for this office suite. Client’s approval is required on the design concept and refinements prior to commencement of future phases. Deliverables:

  1. Preliminary code review and concept plan adjustments.
  2. Space Plan and Program Area Break-down.
  3. Reflected Ceiling Plan.
  4. Finish Plan.
  5. Concept imagery.
  6. Two (2) renderings.

Schematic Design Meetings: Up to two (2) meetings or calls to review progress.

Design Development and Construction Documentation

Design Development/Construction Documentation. Upon Client’s approval of the Schematic Design phase, SCG will proceed with design development and construction documents. SCG will work with and lead coordination among the consultant team, including those consultants contracted to Client, to develop further the details necessary to construct the project. Construction documents consisting of drawings and specifications will be developed for the purpose of obtaining pricing and construction permits including: Deliverables:

  1. Cover sheets and schedules
  2. Demolition plans as required
  3. Construction plans showing layouts, details, schedules,and dimensions
  4. Floor fixture plan showing location of furniture and equipment
  5. Reflected ceiling plan showing lighting and equipment locations
  6. Interior elevations including signage locations
  7. Finish schedule indicating extent and location of finishes
  8. Construction details of interior wall and ceiling construction
  9. Millwork fixture details (if applicable)
  10. MEP drawings and specifications (if applicable)
  11. Lighting drawings and specifications (if applicable)
  12. Structural drawings and specifications (if applicable)
  13. Fixture,and equipment cutsheets, and specifications
  14. Optional Services: Furniture and Furnishings. SCG will prepare furniture location drawings and specifications that describe the requirements for pricing,fabricating, and installing furnishings, furniture, and equipment. SCGWest can assist toprocure all furnishings, furniture, and equipment directly from manufacturers, fabricators, suppliers, and/or dealers.
  15. Specifications covering the above construction work for the project will be prepared to establish the requirements and standards for the construction work.


Total Cost

Cost is $15 per square feet.


Additional Services

Compensation for Additional Services (if not agreed upon as a lump sum amount) shall be based on SCG’s Standard Hourly Billing Rates

Reimbursable Expenses

Compensation for Reimbursable Expenses including permit processing consultant and City fees incurred by SCG in connection with the Project shall be based on amounts invoiced to SCG, plus fifteen percent (15%).

Excluded Services

This proposal does not include any landlord work or landlord renovations. Excluding line items on Exhibit C-1 from landlord “as is” lease.



This Agreement is comprised of and incorporates the following documents, in order of precedence:

  • this Letter of Agreement.
  • the attached Standard Terms and Conditions (STC)

Where a portion of one document is amended by another of higher precedence, all unmodified portions shall remain in effect.

Effective Date

The effective date of this Agreement is Jan 27, 2021.


$1,000.00 Deposit Upon Signing

Proposal Agreement

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