Site Selection and Market Analysis

Our In-Depth Research & Analysis Is Here to Support Superior Results for You

Our research and analytic capabilities differentiate us from our competitors and enable us to provide unmatched marketing, research, and analytics support for both our brokers and clients.

We supply you with a deeper level of market and demographic information, critically accessed and pared down to the most relevant material. This attention to detail saves our clients time and gives them the tools to identify opportunities, as well as make important strategic real estate decisions.

While office and industrial companies have the luxury of flexibility in site selection, the process is very different when selecting retail and restaurant space. In the end, the location of an office or industrial building’s parking lot or ingress/egress probably won’t make the difference between a successful location and a failed one, but in the retail world, those subtle details are crucial. Choosing the precise site can make or break the business.

Our expert location and site selection services enable us to develop a holistic regional location strategy tailored to support our client’s specific project needs and ultimately advance the organization’s overall objectives to run smoothly and profitably.

We use our unsurpassed trade area knowledge to identify the optimal locations and specific sites leveraging our experience, extensive relationships, proven methodologies, and state-of-the-art analytical tools to identify underserved markets. Once those markets are designated, we find sites which fit our clients’ needs, compare those sites and bring the transaction to completion.

Our Site Selection Process & Capabilities Include:

  • In Depth Understanding of Your Business Profile
  • Strategically Identifying Markets
  • Market Surveys
  • Comparable Leases
  • Trade Area Analyses
  • Demographic Breakdowns
  • Competitive Business Mapping
  • Site Comparisons
  • Lease Terms Negotiations
  • Weighing of Alternatives
  • Risk Assessments
  • Location Standardization
  • Permitting & Approvals Management
  • Local and Government Incentive Options

We Turn Your Vision Into A Reality

The key strength of SCGWest is the quality of the individual team members and the ability to form a team perfectly suited to any project with knowledge, competency, and experience unrivaled by our competitors.

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