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Juliette McKnight

Commercial Interior Designer

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Juliette McKnight took her eye for design and her passion for commercial projects into a career crafted around creating environments that help businesses thrive. She graduated from California State Long Beach with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Interior Design. Juliette’s career has allowed her to design for a wide array of businesses spanning from retail, restaurants, coffee shops, quick service kiosks and dealerships across the west coast. Juliette’s ability to develop client relationships based on respect, trust, and confidence has been the key to her success as a designer.

She helps businesses succeed at what they do best while making sure their environment is a timeless and branded environment that keeps customers coming back. The foundation of her design comes from a deep understanding of the construction process and a vast library of drafting knowledge, her designs balance form & function. She carries the original design through those design elements and integrates them seamlessly into the construction set to make sure the original design intent is preserved throughout the process.

Juliette is passionate about using design methodology to create value for our clients with SCGWest’s Design-Build method. When not working on projects, Juliette enjoys designing for friends and family, Formula 1, and baking.

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