History Behind The Hexagon: SCGWest Logo

The Significance of the SCGWest Logo: History Behind the Hexagon

Dating back to the Roman times of 36 B.C., philosophers wondered about the honeycomb shape and it was not until many generations later that it was discovered and proven that the honeycomb shape is the most mathematically perfect form, leaving very little waste when the shape is lined together. For centuries, scientists were confused on why bees chose the hexagon shape as opposed to shapes like a square or circle. The answer comes in the form of packing efficiency.


We at SCGWest deliberately chose the hexagon as our logo as it represents the connecting center of universal coherence and is arguably the most structurally powerful and efficient shape in nature.


Honeycomb in construction design has become extensively used, especially in the last couple of decades. With thermoplastic extruded honeycombs, there is tremendous strength at extremely low density and is practical in large scale. Modern buildings sometimes utilize aluminum wall cladding in a honeycomb pattern for aesthetics and strength. Honeycomb-based insulation is also used in some cases for a compact and sturdy method of building. Structures like the Honeycomb apartment complex in the Bahamas and the Hivehaus modular home design from Britain use the honeycomb shape to its fullest. With advanced materials, the honeycomb construction design method has become even better than it used to be.


When you think of hexagons all around us, the most relatable objects that uses a hexagon shape are nuts and bolt heads. Due to its unique features, the hexagon is able to grip the tools because of the roundness it has. Even going back to the 1700s, more torque can be transferred to the bolt, which is why this design still reigns as the undisputed champ.


It is truly fascinating how hexagons are part of our everyday lives and the shape has more to it than people realize. Some of the aspects of this shape are still mysterious to this day!


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