What to Expect During Development and Construction of Your New Franchise Opening

The development and construction of your new franchise is an important step that comes before opening day. Without completing this step, your franchise would remain a dream instead of becoming your reality. You did your research, and now you’re taking the next step to have a brick-and-mortar storefront for your franchise. 

While the development and construction of your franchise might feel overwhelming, it can be very successful with the right turnkey solutions. Keep reading to learn more about opening a new franchise’s development and construction phase and how the right turnkey solutions can help.

Real Estate Transactions

You need the right real estate to develop your new franchise so that your customers have a store where they can shop and make purchases. You might have online purchasing options, too, but your storefront is equally important. 

There are three stages to a real estate transaction that you should know about and prepare for:

  • Letters of Intent – Unless you have an in-depth understanding of real estate, you’ve likely never heard of a letter of intent. Simply put, this document contains the general terms and conditions of the agreement to purchase and obtain the property where you’ll build your franchise.

    Letters of intent are often used for large leases and commercial real estate. It’s up to you and the other parties involved to determine whether the letter of intent is a binding agreement or a general outline of how things will go.
  • Project Schedule – Some projects run right on time while others run behind schedule. Having a mapped-out plan of what to expect and when to expect it can be super helpful in keeping everything on track.
  • Lease Agreement – You can’t secure your property without signing your lease. But before you do that, you’ll want to read and review it carefully. It’s a good idea to consult with a qualified attorney who has expertise in real estate before you sign the lease. This is an area where a turnkey solutions company can help. A turnkey company can provide the attorney. 

Plans Generation

Once you’ve signed your lease, it’s time for your plans generation, which involves hiring an architect and ensuring everything is on track.  

  • Hire an Architect – At this stage of your planning process, it’s imperative that your architect knows and understands the franchisor’s requirements. The architect will be the one to implement those requirements.
    In addition to working with an architect, you may need to work with a civil engineer, attorney, or community board involved in planning and zoning. There are many things to keep track of during the plans generation process.
    Are you feeling overwhelmed thinking about it? A turnkey solutions company might be your answer. These companies can handle the entire plans generation process for you, allowing you to breathe. 
  • Receive Franchisor Feedback – During plans generation, you’ll want to involve the franchisor at every stage. Get their feedback to ensure your architecture is designed according to their specifications. 


It’s not enough to sign a contract with your architect. Before they start building, you must get permission from the agency with jurisdiction over the area where you plan to build. 

  • Obtain Your Permit – To obtain your permit, you’ll need to contact the appropriate agency, which usually includes the city, county, and other departments. Your municipality can tell you what permits you need to get.
  • Submit for Bids – While you’re busy getting your permits, the architect will submit your plans for bid, where they propose the plans for the general contractors to build what they’ve designed.

    This will involve the total cost. Getting at least three bids is a good idea to ensure you’re getting a reasonable price at market value.


The construction of your new franchise is as crucial as the development. Thankfully, you’re not on your own. You’ll have a general contractor (GC) to work with. 

  • Get the GC’s Schedule – Your GC will have a schedule to follow. It’s a good idea to get a copy of that schedule so you can track the progress and report back to the franchisor on your franchise-building progress.
  • Get Your CO – Your CO is your certificate of occupancy, which means your property meets all the municipality requirements and is safe for you and your customers to enter. You can obtain a temporary certificate to get ready to open it to the public. However, a temporary certificate will expire, so it’s not a permanent solution. Your CO is permanent.
  • Issue A Punchlist – Once you have your TCO or CO, you can issue a punch list, where you and your GC go through your property to ensure that every aspect of your contract has been fulfilled. This is the time to catch any mistakes that need to be corrected or missing work that needs to be completed.

Grand Opening

Your grand opening is the last stage of development and construction before you open to the public. This should be a special event with a ribbon-cutting ceremony where you officially welcome everyone to your business.

SCG West Is Your Turnkey Solution

As you can see, many steps are involved during the development and construction of your franchise. It’s an overwhelming process that few franchisees want to take on themselves.

The good news is that you don’t have to handle the development and construction of your franchise on your own. SCG West can help. We’re a turnkey solutions company, meaning we will take care of everything for you while keeping you in the loop. 

We have a project team that can handle all the stress while keeping you involved. You’ll participate in weekly conference calls, status reports, task items, document collection, and detailed close-out packets. 

SCG West uses milestones and phases in our contract, which means you’re not locked into the contract until the project is complete. Instead, you can opt out after a milestone or phase is completed, giving you peace of mind as you start working with us.

SCG West is proud to offer turnkey solutions for franchise owners. Please contact us if you have questions or want to work with us. We’re excited to work with you!

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