Restroom Cleanliness is Sending a Message to your Customers!


Consumers spend 9% MORE at Restaurants with Nice Restrooms

Did you know the quality of your restroom will impact how much money customers spend when they are at your restaurant? According to a Harvard Business School study, having clean restrooms translates into a 9% increase in revenue for restaurants. Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, people are increasingly concerned about cleanliness. Over half of Americans say they are unlikely to return to a restaurant after experiencing a poorly maintained restroom. In today’s environment not only will this result in customers complaining to management, telling their friends, and even posting on social media about their poor experience, but that customer will not come back in the Pandemic. Another study cites that majority of people also believe that a restaurant with dirty restrooms is “extremely” likely to have a dirty kitchen.

With COVID-19, cleanliness is now a top priority to increase revenue for restaurants, which also correlates with customer satisfaction. A recent study done by the Bradley Corporation showed that 83% of the public said they wash their hands more frequently now after using a public restroom. Another study found that, 70% of people would visit specific businesses or restaurants because of their “nice” and clean bathrooms. Restroom cleanliness is imperative for restaurants during the pandemic and after as it affects a customer’s overall restaurant experience and can determine if they return.

How to Upgrade/Refresh Your Restroom

Restrooms clearly play a vital role in the overall dining experience for the consumer along with the success of the restaurant. Not keeping your restroom up to the same standards as the rest of your restaurant can have serious consequences. From a broken lock on one of the stall doors, obsolete wallpaper coming a part, or outdated flooring/sink area, renovating your restroom can make quite the difference with satisfying your consumers. Therefore, a poorly maintained or dirty looking restroom can be a major turn-off. Check out our top 4 restroom upgrade tips below.

  1. Figure out your Design Theme/Décor

Décor plays a vital role because you want your customers to feel comfortable to the point where they want to continue to stay and have that “extra drink” or that dessert they were contemplating about. The restroom décor can go in a variety of ways-

  • Either matching the current theme of your restaurant or take a different approach and create an entirely new environment.
  • Add some greenery, extra lighting throughout the space, or some trendy/modern lounge chairs will make it seem like a completely different space.
  • When choosing certain color schemes for the restroom, this can depict how the customer feels when they first walk in. It is best to use warm and inviting colors to make the space feel welcoming, rather than cold and sterile.

  1. Aim for Functionality

There are many aesthetically pleasing and code compliant fixtures on the market today. With current times, these functional upgrades will improve sanitary conditions and include the following:

  • Partitions: Do you install longer lasting more durable stainless-steel partitions or stick with more standard laminate or powder coated. This first depends on the look and theme you are looking for and of course the budget. For instance, in recent projects we have installed the stainless-steel option and have been impressed with the look, feel and quicker lead times for delivery. This option is more expensive however the lead time and overall durability and functionality was well worth the additional costs.
  • Automatic Touchless Fixtures: These provide a modern touch and up to date feel in the restroom and really showcase your priority on cleanliness as the customer does not have to touch anything that could possibly be contaminated.
    • Automatic Toilet Flushers
    • Touchless motion-activated Faucets and soap dispensers
    • Touchless Hand Dryers or Paper towel dispensers
  • Wall and Flooring Choices: There are minimum health department requirements that you must abide by such as tile or FRP up to a certain height on the walls and a cove type base.  The color choices and patterns for tiles are endless. Think about selecting something that feels warm and inviting, but yet always looks clean. Patterned grays and tans tend to help with this.
  1. Adapt to Your Clientele

A family style restaurant? Make sure there are baby changing stations in both the men’s and women’s restroom. A Bar or Sports Grill environment? Think of providing more urinal fixtures in restaurants that have a bar or serve alcohol inside. Also, do not forget about ADA requirements. Make sure to have a professional design the layout while following specific ADA accessibility guidelines. All of these components are crucial in order to be accommodating to your customers. The ADA has specific guidelines for public restrooms, including handrails, sinks reachable for those in wheelchairs, and other minor details that make a huge difference for those with physical limitations. Making sure your restrooms are fully in compliance with current regulations goes hand in hand with accommodating your customer’s needs.

  1. After any renovations, Keep it CLEAN…consistently!

Maintaining a solid cleaning schedule for your restrooms is imperative. From taking care of not only the counter-tops, sinks, floors, and toilets, but also periodically cleaning the walls, ceilings, and light fixtures will ensure customer satisfaction as it creates an inviting and clean space. Ensure your restroom features stay in good condition, whether you did minor updates or invested in a full renovation. Proper maintenance for not just your restaurant, but your restroom is key. Consistently cleaning your restrooms will translate into higher revenue.

What we can do for YOU

Restrooms can play an important part in helping you derive more revenue from customers and keeping customers returning. SCGWest has experience in transforming mediocre restrooms into revenue drivers for restaurants. Let us show you what is possible for your restrooms! Our design and build process goes through defined stages of completion resulting in quality that surpasses industry standards.

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