Los Angeles Studio Real Estate Conference

September 12, 2023

Building the next generation of studio spaces and meeting the evolving needs of tenants.

What You’ll Learn From Los Angeles CRE Leaders:

  • What are the key challenges encountered in developing studio spaces, and how do these challenges impact the overall development process?
  • How are studio owners and developers finding the right combination of affordability, desirable location, and scalability of property?
  • How do current market conditions pose challenges in making studio deals?
  • How can the shortage of sound stages in LA be addressed, and what strategies can be implemented to make more stages available?
  • What design, amenities, and technological features are needed to satisfy tenants’ needs for content creation and production?
  • How do incentive packages play a role in attracting tenants to studio spaces, and how do they contribute to the success of studio developments?
  • What are the implications of the growing preference for short-term leases in the studio real estate market, and how does it affect developers and investors?
Construction Project Management
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