Let’s Speed up Project Delivery Times

Are you tired of buildouts taking too long?

We work together with the real estate and ownership teams to fast track design and construction timelines to get new locations open quickly utilizing our streamlined Design-Build project process.

The cost of construction continues to rise, and owners cannot afford the traditional design-bid-redesign-build route anymore. Choose a reputable design-builder and watch projects finish faster and cost less. Great for interior projects as well!


  • Lower Costs
  • Price Certainty
  • Increased Quality
  • Reduced Timelines
  • Single-Point Accountability

At SCGWest, we believe the construction and building industry is outdated. 

We approach our projects as a unified team, where everyone’s early input and innovative design and planning eliminate waste and yield a higher quality and more cost-efficient product.

SCGWest was formed around the needs of owners, both independent and corporate/franchise related, to help expedite the process and mitigate risk during the design and construction build-out. All too often, we noticed owners were being taken advantage of throughout the build-out phase and projects were taking way too long.

We truly believe you need a trustworthy design and construction partner, with your best interest always in the forefront.

Let’s work together to keep projects on time and on budget!

Construction Project Management
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