Our Focus

Single Point of Contact: How Design-Build Simplifies Project Management
Customized solutions

Turning your vision into reality

At SCGWest, your vision is our priority. Our dedicated team creates comprehensive, customized solutions that cover the entire project cycle, so you can direct capital and resources toward growing your business.

We provide guidance on everything from streamlining property management, reducing costs, and maximizing profitability, to obtaining the loans and capital needed to get started.

Our purpose

Solving problems & creating customized solutions

Our specialized team works hard to deliver turn-key Corporate + Commercial RE solutions so our clients can focus on what they love to do – running their core business.

Construction Project Management

Our values

Own the process, own every step, & own the outcome 

We work collaboratively with our team in order to achieve our goals. The projects we submit are of high-quality work with little to no errors. We are committed & accountable every step of the way.

Program Management

Our approach

Changing the industry to become more seamless & efficient

Our cohesive team approach utilizes technology to open lines of communication between all participants. Real-time updates allow us to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and expedite timelines.

Moving Dynamically

Our Core Values


Be Collaborative. Recognize that everyone has a role and together we are stronger and can accomplish more than we ever could as individuals. We collaborate with our team in order to achieve our goals. Teamwork is a crucial part of the SCGWest culture, as it is necessary for all aspects of our business. Colleagues and Clients need to work collaboratively and respectfully in order to achieve the best results.


We believe in the power of “Connection Capital.” Our strength is not solely based on individual skill or institutional knowledge—instead, it’s amplified by the vast networks we’ve cultivated. When we encounter a problem, we tap into this collective reservoir of relationships, which often holds the solution or ‘knows the guy’ who does. We do not hoard these connections; we mobilize them, ensuring that our clients and projects benefit from our relational wealth. Our ability to turn connections into solutions makes us more than a team; it makes us a connected community with unlimited potential.


Efficiency is not just about speed; it’s about achieving the highest quality in the shortest amount of time. This means we are vigilant about details, understanding that our work is a reflection of our individual and collective identity. Our commitment to excellence goes hand in hand with a culture of hustle. We move swiftly, but not recklessly, with a keen eye for detail. In a competitive market where every second counts, our dual focus on speed and accuracy sets us apart. We don’t see a trade-off between moving quickly and getting things right; for us, one enhances the other.


This is cornerstone of our ethos. Owning the process and the outcome is about more than just initiating tasks; it’s about following through to their successful completion. It’s not simply about accountability to ourselves but extends to our teammates and the broader mission. We don’t pass the baton or point fingers; we embrace the responsibility that comes with ownership.

We turn your vision

into a reality

Let SCG handle the complexities of your project, from site evaluation to design and construction.

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Construction Project Management
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