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Vendor Intake Form

Is remit to address same as primary?
Accounting Contact: Is your accounting contact the same as the primary contact provided?
Does your business have an EIN?
Help us understand your work model (check all that apply):
Employee Verification: We require specific level of detail to ensure a professional partnership for our customers. Please select all levels of employee detail you are comfortable providing transparency on, as requested.
Trade & Skill Profile: Please select all categories that may apply to your skill sets. We understand there are a vast list of repairs that fall within each umbrella, you will have the ability to vet scope before accepting a job with us.
General Labor - Hourly Rate: Are you willing to provide a general labor rate for all non-mechanical trade work? If no, you will be asked to list them separetly.
Over Time Structure. Please indicate if your overtime rate structure is the equivalent to 1.5 x the trade rate provided.
Over Time Hours. Overtime to be charged after 5:00pm Monday - Friday and on weekends or holidays. Double time may apply on nationally recognized holiday's.
Licensed. If you carry any licenses, please indicate yes and you will be prompted to share the trade.
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB
In House vs. External Resource. Please select the best explanation of how much work your team completes with in-house W2 employees.
# of employees on payroll
Preferred Method(s) of Contact, for general inquiries and new service requests
Can you provide proof of insurance upon request?
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB
Can you provide a company W9?
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB
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