Top 4 Myths About the Design-Build Process

The design-build process is known to get the job done with simplicity and in a timely manner. One study concluded that design-build projects complete 33.5% faster on average than design-bid-build projects. The design-build project process typically goes through these main steps – preliminary design, budget creation, detail design, and construction.

As the design-build process becomes more popular, we want to ensure that you are getting the best service. Therefore, we have researched and complied four different myths about the design-build process to debunk and enhance your strategy when it comes to design.

1. The Design-Build Process Is Always Led By A Developer Or Construction Company

Yes, it is correct that developers and construction companies lead the process, but only to an extent. These leaders ensure that the project is carried out smoothly and that the foundation is set to achieve its primary goal.

SCGWest practices the fundamentals of collaboration through a concept known as “master builder.” Through this concept, SCGWest guarantees that the entire building team collaborates throughout the whole building process. So, to an extent, a developer and construction company lead the process, but to establish a foundation and common goal.

2. The Design-Build Process Is Too Expensive

False. The design-build process saves the owner’s costs by establishing a budget that encompasses innovative designs and solutions. Instead of the traditional project delivery, design-build project delivery creates a substantial budget before the detailed design and the construction process. By establishing the project’s overall budget, our contractors can maximize and maintain their service to create the desired results.

Another cost-saving advantage of design-build is the designer and contractors’ close collaborative work, which cuts the delay of dispute time. Design-build project delivery for commercial real estate is one of the most efficient and cost-saving processes.

3. The Design-Build Process Is Good For Speed, But Not For Quality

Not true, at all. Design-build project delivery was created to speed up the process of the project but was not meant to provide careless, low-quality work. Although speed in design-build is an essential aspect of the process, SCGWest promises quality service and end-to-end solutions as our top priority.

The design-build project delivery has compressed the activities within the entire process to provide efficiency to every project. We understand that quality and reputation are consistently implemented in a business, and we are here to provide a successful outcome on time.

4. Owners Lose Control Of The Development Process

FALSE. When done right, owners in a design-build project are engaged from the start to the completion of the project. Based on the project plan and the initiatives taken to carry out the plan, the owner can then decide how involved they would like to be in the process. Design-build creates an enjoyable and efficient environment for the owner by consulting the ideas and changes that could arise. Our top priority is to allow the business owner to focus on their core business and create trust that SCGWest will get the job done. The business owner should never feel that they have lost control, but we have their best interest in every step of the process.


While the design-build project process can be clouded with misconceptions, by debunking these misconceptions, design-build can be a huge advantage when considering opportunities to build your business.

At SCGWest, your business is our top priority. We incorporate efficiency and quality in every project, and the design-build project delivery is an essential process to consider if understood correctly. Contact us today to get started!

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