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We manage all stages of project completion from early location sourcing, planning, and project development through visioning, design, and construction, all the way to furniture, fixture, graphic, and equipment installation. Our team of experienced professionals identifies time and budget savings all while avoiding potential pitfalls. Opening a new location or renovating an existing one represents a significant investment in a company’s future. Without the proper oversight and advisement, the business may incur unfavorable lease/purchase terms, delays, budget overruns, unforeseen issues, and an overall poor result.

Here at SCGWest, we understand that quality, reputation, and trust are everything in business. The company was formed around the needs of our retail, restaurant, and medical office owners to accelerate and optimize the process of opening a new location or refreshing an existing site while reducing the cost, timeline, and stress on the owner so they may concentrate on what they do best…. run their business!

We will manage, coordinate, and execute the entire process- whether this consists of a basic tenant improvement or remodel to a ground-up build to suit or a multiple-location program rollout. Our experienced professionals identify time and cost savings all while avoiding potential pitfalls. Furthermore, all independent, corporate, and franchise-related owners benefit from our hands-on turnkey project development and end-to-end service offerings.

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SCGWest was founded in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2012 by Kyle Gorman and Brandon Lehman. The co-founders set out to improve on traditional industry methods, with the goal of creating a seamless, efficient process.

The result was a cohesive team approach that utilizes technology to open lines of communication between all project stakeholders. With the ability to monitor progress and provide real time updates, we’ve been able to maximize efficiency, reduce costs and expedite timelines.

Today, SCGWest is headquartered in Irvine, California. Our team of experienced professionals can identify beneficial time and cost savings all while helping you to avoid potential pitfalls. We provide development services to some of the nation’s largest retail, restaurant, and medical office brands, all while keeping the same philosophy that our company was founded on: We believe you need a trustworthy partner with your best interests at the forefront to make development simple.

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Our dedicated team brings knowledge, passion and innovation to every project. We have experience in all stages of project completion from the scouting and planning stages, through project development, design, construction, turnover and closeout.

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Our turnkey, solution-oriented global real estate solutions are customized for the needs of existing, new and expanding retail, restaurant and medical office businesses.

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At SCGWest, we understand the importance of a high performance team. When key team members are selected early and have input into the design and overall project delivery method, it drastically reduces the project timeline and costs.

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The key strength of SCGWest is the quality of our individual team members and our ability to form a team perfectly suited to any project with experience, knowledge and competency unrivaled by our competitors.

Teamwork is at the core of what we do. We approach every project with a true collaborative mentality – by adopting a “We” mindset. We constantly strive to find the best solutions and work towards the same goal.

Developing a new site, refreshing a tired brand, or handing the keys to a new business owner for the first time, is fun! Our team is carefully chosen, and all members have a passion in creating, building, and seeing a project come to life.

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The key strength of SCGWest is the quality of the individual team members and the ability to form a team perfectly suited to any project with knowledge, competency, and experience unrivaled by our competitors.

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