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In the context of preconstruction, due diligence involves a comprehensive approach to research and analysis.  Its aim is to anticipate and strategically manage risks, ensuring that every subsequent phase of the project is built on a solid foundation. 

This process starts with an understanding of the project’s goals and requirements, as well as the stakeholders involved.  From there, detailed investigations are carried out that include a site analysis, building inspection, financial assessment, and a zoning compliance audit. 

Site Analysis

Our site investigation analyzes a range of factors, from topography and soil conditions to access to utilities, infrastructure, and potential environmental concerns. We also consider the site’s suitability for your specific project, including its size, accessibility, proximity to your target demographic, and more.

Building Inspection

If your project involves existing structures, our team performs a thorough building inspection to assess their condition and suitability for the intended use. This involves evaluating the structural integrity of the building, its compatibility with your project needs, and potential renovation requirements.

Financial Assessment

We understand that a project’s financial feasibility is as important as its physical viability. SCGWest offers a detailed financial assessment, examining project budgets, evaluating potential funding sources, estimating operational costs, and projecting potential returns. Our goal is to ensure your project is financially sound and provides the expected return on investment.

Zoning Compliance

Understanding and complying with local zoning laws is a vital part of our due diligence services. We conduct a detailed review of the zoning requirements for your project, verifying that the proposed land use is permitted under the existing regulations. If required, we also assist with the process of obtaining variances or other approvals.

Our approach to due diligence

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather, we tailor our due diligence process to the unique specifications of each project. 

Our process is meticulous, comprehensive, and conducted with the highest level of professional integrity.  We look into every part, from assessing the physical characteristics and zoning compliance of the site to the financial implications and the compatibility of existing structures with your vision. 

What sets our approach apart is our unwavering commitment to serving our client’s best interests.  We consider ourselves your strategic partners, armed with expertise and motivated by your success.  Our due diligence process goes beyond identifying potential issues; we also offer innovative solutions, strategic guidance, and ongoing support to navigate any challenges that arise. 

In addition, we prioritize clear, open communication.  We ensure our clients are informed and confident at every stage, making the process of due diligence more accessible and understandable. 

Benefits of our due diligence services

Investing in due diligence can yield substantial benefits for your commercial construction projects. 

Preventing Cost Overruns and Delays

One of the main advantages of due diligence is its potential to prevent cost overruns and project delays. By thoroughly assessing all facets of the project in the preconstruction phase, we can identify potential issues before they escalate into costly problems. This proactive approach helps to keep your project on schedule and within budget.

Making Informed, Profitable Decisions

Due diligence isn't just about avoiding pitfalls; it's also about seizing opportunities. With a detailed understanding of every aspect of the project, you're empowered to make strategic decisions that can maximize profitability. Whether it's choosing the most suitable site, optimizing the use of existing structures, or identifying the most cost-effective funding sources, our due diligence services provide the insights you need to enhance the return on your investment.

Why choose SCGWest for due diligence

At SCGWest, our expertise in commercial construction and project management is built on a solid foundation of successful projects and satisfied clients. 

Our depth of industry knowledge, coupled with our commitment to providing comprehensive due diligence services, makes us a trusted partner in your commercial construction journey. 

We also understand that due diligence is not a one-size-fits-all process.  Therefore, we offer tiered services to cater to projects of all sizes and scopes. Our tiered services provide a level of due diligence that fits your needs and budget. 

Contact us today to discuss which level due diligence package is right for your project.  Together, we can lay the groundwork for a successful commercial construction project. 

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